Best looking Porsche Panamera yet

The Porsche Panamera four-door coupe is not scheduled for release until 2008, but with spy shots of a test mule running the Nurburgring in Germany having already infiltrated the internet, armchair designers like ourselves are already critiquing the car's shape. has commissioned a series of renderings that show the Panamera as a collaboration between what they think the Porsche sedan will look like and what they hope it will look like. There's a tension there, as the mule seen in test shots hasn't received the most favorable of judgments so far. These renderings, however, show a more stout Panamera with a taller front fascia that gives the car some visual weight. The mesh grille flanked by LED fog lamps is sharp, although the Infomotori people keep it real by giving their rendering 996-style headlights, which the actual production car is rumored to have. Follow the Read link to check out their rendering from every angle and see if their vision for Porsche's first foray into the four-door world looks better than the real thing.


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