The greening of Denver International Airport, the first airport in EPA's Performance Track Program

In 100 years, the fleet vehicles at the Denver International Airport will be gasoline-free. At least, that's the commitment that DIA officials made when they joined the voluntary program with the EPA called Performance Track. Performance Track is a way to recognize facilities "that consistently exceed regulatory requirements and excel in protecting human health and the environment."
There is a lot of non-car-related greening is going on at the DIA, like recycling the deicing fluid used on airplane exteriors, managing storm water, and reducing hazardous waste generation by 75 percent between 2003 and 2005. The changes that affect the DIA's vehicle fleet include decreasing the overall amount of gasoline used in the fleet by one percent each year (which had better mean one percent off of today's baseline, not one percent lower each year based on the previous year, because that'd be a comparatively lame PR move). DIA hopes to achieve this through using more hybrids and CNG vehicles and to limit idling. It's a start, and I guess a hundred years is a long time to figure out the rest.

[Source: Denver International Airport]

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