Race in a Briefcase

As each of us gets older and has a harder time remembering when all we wanted for Christmas were toys, it's healthy to find a way to dive back in the past and relive those simpler times. That's a tough exercise to pull off with TPS reports that need copying and a 9-5 that doesn't allow for play time. Enter the "Race in a Briefcase", which is our name for this German-engineered executive toy that marries a very serious looking stainless steel briefcase with a 2-meter long toy car track on which two racers can compete. The track is slotted, and unlike the kiddy kind of yesteryear that only called for a trigger finger strong enough to last ten laps, the "Race in a Briefcase" requires deft throttle control to stay on course and not send your car flying off the boardroom table. The track uses a standard 9 volt battery that powers the fun for five hours, and a stopwatch is even included to officially time your runs. It looks like a sweet toy that can be easily slipped by your boss for hours of on-the-clock fun. Be prepared to cough up a paycheck for the privelage, however, as the "Race in a Briefcase" costs €598.00 (about $766).

[Source: Pro Idee via WindingRoad]

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