2 guys, an Audi S4, blue tape and the Coolest. Road trip. Ever.

We've heard this story a thousand times before. Man finally procures his dream car. It's delivered on the other side of the country. Road trip! It's the age old passage of breaking your car in with a cross country delivery trek. A member of the VWVortex.com forums who goes by the handle uglybastid and his friend Aaron traveled to New York to pick up an Audi S4 for a (very trusting) friend. The black sedan from Ingolstadt was looking good, but uglybastid and Aaron like their Audis in Nogaru Blue, not black. In order to protect the car from rock chips over 2,850 miles, and to switch the color to something more palatable, the two purchased four and a half rolls of 3M Safe-Release blue tape... and covered the car from bumper to bumper in the adhesive strips. It's the best blue tape job ever and also allowed the two to chronicle their adventure via a Sharpie marker on the sheetmetal. Throughout the road trip, uglybastid exhibits an unhealthy knowledge of roadside attractions, and the two pass more plastic cows and muffler men than actual human beings. Keep in mind, the car has no plates and despite being pulled over twice by some friendly fuzz, the two make it all the way across the northern half of the U.S. on their way to back to Seattle where the Audi S4 will find its new home. Please, it's a Sunday, do yourself a favor, click through and read the amazing tale of uglybastid, Aaron and the blue-taped Audi S4.

Thanks to Chuck G. for the tip!

[Source: VWVortex.com]

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