The Stig goes farming with a Lamborghini

We know that Ferruccio Lamborghini started out as a tractor maker before building his line of exotic sports cars, but taking an LP640 out to clear a field is just plain silly. Just weeks after Richard Hammond was released from the hospital following his rocket car crash, it is being reported that The Stig lost control of a new Lamborghini and aquaplaned off track and into the grass. Not the first time The Stig has spun out, but after Hamster's nearly disastrous ride, this is another unwanted scare. The Stig has notably spun the Koenigsegg CCX we drove in Vegas, as well as the Porsche Carrera GT, so the Murci is in good company.

While not explicitly naming the Top Gear program or The Stig himself, the BBC did have a few things to say about the incident. The gold Lamborghini Murcielago was being driven by "a professional," who escaped unharmed. The BBC also confirmed that the accident occurred during "a test run on a rain-soaked runway in Dunsfold Park, Surrey."

That location happens to be where Top Gear does most of its testing. A witness related that it appeared as though the driver just lost control in the bad weather, and that the Lambo was "spinning rapidly before skidding off the track and coming to a halt in a field. It looked pretty bashed up."

[Source: The Daily Mirror]

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