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Sky and Solstice evolve for the better

There are a handful of things that have kept the Solstice and Sky off our list of favorite sports cars. The Red Line and GXP versions went a long way towards addressing many of those concerns. There remain, however, some infuriating little details that seem to want to ruin the whole experience for you. Well, GM is listening to owners' complaints and is making small changes ro rectify the problems. Rather than wait until the new model year, the Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice are getting "continuous changes" such as a power door lock button and an electronically height-adjustable driver's seat.
The need for a lock button might sound a little odd in such a small car, but the fact it's been addressed may explain how maddening the absence has been. Previously, a driver and passenger in either car had to reach behind themselves to lift the actual lock up to unlock the doors. This was after the cars had automatically locked the doors for them when the car reached 10 mph or so. Not too tricky, it might seem, but pulling the door handle didn't release the lock from the inside like many other cars do. The ensuing little twist and pull needed to free yourself was made even more difficult by the fact that the cockpit, while roomy for a roadster of this type, didn't allow a lot of body movement. And so the need for the button.

The seat adjuster also seems like a no-brainer in such a low-to-the-ground car with a high sill and cowl. Occupants of less than average stature were left to find phonebooks to sit on. Not sure why a power lift was needed instead of a manual one, but the adjuster is now on every Sky/Solstice rolling out of the plant. These two and a whole cartload of other little details changes have been made and another list of future modifications are already being looked at. Our vote for the next most frustrating bit to be changed are the cupholders. During anything approaching spirited driving, an average sized adult will have the cupholder pop open from the central tunnel at least once every 5 minutes and the temptation to just snap it off and be done with it is rather high. Even if it was somebody else's Sky.

[Source: Straightline]

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