Prius converted to plug-in hybrid getting 80 to 100 mpg

An official at the South Coast Air Quality Management District says a Toyota Prius converted to a plug-in hybrid is getting 80 to 100 mpg. Matt Miyasato, who is the AQMD's Technology Demonstration Manager, also says he can drive the car 800 miles before hitting the gas pump. The Prius was converted by EnergyCS. Pete Nortman, president and CEO of EnergyCS, says his company has converted 13 Prius models into plug-ins and two are in the hands of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Three more have been authorized. Nortman says development for commercial purposes is still in the early stages: the battery pack alone costs $10,000. He admits that creating a market for plug-in hybrids requires bringing down the battery costs.

[Source: Rodney Tanaka/Pasadena Star News]

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