Reuters is reporting that a Spanish town council known for its socialist leanings and support of feminist causes has voted to banish sexism from street signs. With all of the signs and crosswalk signals currently showing male figures, they felt it was high time to make some changes. Half of all future road signs and traffic lights will have to show female silhouettes. The figures will sport skirts and ponytails, because women never wear pants, apparently.

The town of Fuenlabrada is located south of the Spanish capital of Madrid. They have vowed to replace all of their old or damaged road signs and traffic lights with ones bearing the new images within a year. "In this way the sexism which until now has seen only masculine figures appear in traffic signals will be brought to an end," the town council's statement read. The town has promised that the changes won't cost any extra money. Sign suppliers will simply be instructed to use the new female symbols on a go-forward basis.

[Sources: Reuters]

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