Whether it's a working hydrogen refueling station near you or a demonstration of a fuel-cell vehicle, you can find out about all such activities in a new searchable database set up by Fuel Cells 2000 and the Deptartment of Energy. Almost all states have some type of fuel cell or hydrogen legislation, demonstration or activity taking place. The search function can be narrowed down to specifics such as fuel cell manufacturer. The site isn't a calendar of upcoming events, so if you're looking for a test drive in the new BMW Hydrogen 7 Series, you're out of luck. I asked for demonstrations in all 50 states and found 417 items. Most were reports of previous demonstrations such as a fuel-cell bus in a municipal fleet or a fuel-cell power plant at an industrial site. Those doing research, however, often find links to full reports from the exercise.

[Source: fuelcells.org via BusinessWire]

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