What blindspot? Toyota FJ Cruiser Convertible

We came across Newport Convertible Engineering at the SEMA show a couple of weeks ago, and the company's FJ Cruiser Convertible immediately caught our eye. Not only does this $10,000 conversion give FJ Cruiser owners a power-operated soft top in place of the standard steel roof, but it also eliminates the FJ's giant C-pillar that creates a huge blindspot for the driver and makes back seat passengers feel claustrophobic. Of course, the sight lines are still pretty bad with the top up on the FJ Cruiser Convertible, but we would hope after spending 10 large on such a conversion that you'd want the top down as often as possible. You're also forced to sacrifice some cargo space, as the soft top's roofline slopes down immediately after the roll cage's cross bar located just behind the rear seats. It almost looks like a four-door coupe.

Newport also has experience shaving the domes off of such cars as the Scion xB (!), Dodge Charger (!!), Cadillac CTS (!!!), Cadillac Escalade (!!!!), HUMMER H3 (!!!!!) and Ford Excursion (!!!!!!).

Follow the jump for plenty more pics of the FJ Cruiser Convertible with top up and down.


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