Hypermiling update: Shell Eco-Marathon coming back to the U.S. next year

Last week Ray Holan wrote a feature article for AutoblogGreen about hypermiling. In it, he mentioned the Shell Eco-Marathon in Europe (where teams design cars for maximum fuel efficiency and a 2003 team got the equivalent of 10,705 mpg). There is also a Shell Eco-Marathon in the UK. Well, this extreme sport is not just for Europe any more, because the event is coming back to the United States next year as the Shell Eco-marathon Americas, as AutoblogGreen reader Tristan Roy shared with us.
We did pass over the announcement from Shell a month ago about the return of the Eco-Marathon to these shores (it was started here about 70 years ago) and we're happy to mention it now. We'll see what other news comes out on the Americas event as we get closer to the April 12-15, 2007 event at the California Speedway in Fontana, California.

[Source: Shell / Tristan Roy]

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