Bulging Bulgarian: I2B Wildcat

The Italian stallions face all sorts of competition, from Germany, England, even Japan, but Bulgaria? Eastern Europe doesn't produce many supercars, but a few guys – two Ivans and a Branimir – aim to change that. They form a design team called I2B and have penned two sportscar projects named Raven and Wildcat.

The Wildcat looks like some freakish morphing between a Mosler, a Lamborghini and an iguana. The car is strictly a concept, manifested in renderings and models, but the creators have some target figures in mind: curb weight of 2,600 lbs. propelled by a 460-horsepower V8. I2B plans to have a working prototype of the Wildcat ready for show in 2008 and are looking for customers and investors to help make the dream a reality.

More renderings after the jump

[Source: I2B via Leftlane News]


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