All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my AutoblogGreen

The slogans above and behind the jump are brought to you by the Movie Slogan Generator, a spiffy website brought to us by The Surrealist. Sometimes it's just fun to apply green car thinking (or, in this case, words) to some of the world's quirkier interactive websites. I spent some time with the Generator and it came up with plenty of funny phrases with the terms I submitted to it ( hybrid, biodiesel, hydrogen, etc.). It also had an uncanny way of making me think it was giving me a message (see the hydrogen quote on the next page), but perhaps I was just reading into things. I tried using The Surrealists's Ad Slogan generator with green car terms as well, but nothing came up that sounded as clever as the Movie Quotes. If you generate anything extra good on these generators or anywhere else, let us know, would you?

[Source: The Surrealist]

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