This 3,000-horsepower peanut oil-powered pickup was supposed to make a record speed run for grease-powered vehicles of between 160 and 200 mph. That was what we were told at SEMA where the twin-turbo '87 Chevy Silverado, nicknamed Greasel, was unveiled. The truck made its record run at the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed in California over the weekend and the results were less than impressive. On its first attempt, Greasel and its driver reached a face-melting speed of 82 mph (Please, sense the sarcasm). On subsequent runs the press release reveals it reached a top speed of "Almost 100 miles per hour!" Whoa there, PR people. I personally know at least three people who have WVO Jettas that can break triple digits on surfaces other than compacted salt. But it seems that since the Sourthern California Timing Association was on hand to officially record the runs, the Greasel goes down as the fastest grease-powered vehicle on earth. Clearly something went wrong, as were told the initial runs would be at least be above 160 mph, with subsequent tinkering hopefully pushing the Greasel past 200 mph, even potentially reaching 240 mph. The only press release we could find, however, seems written by a uneducated PR lacky who isn't aware that 3,000 horsepower and a top speed of "Almost 100 miles per hour!" don't belong in the same sentence together.

[Source: Marketwire]

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