Update: new models from Alfa Romeo

Late last week we brought you the leaked production schedule from the Fiat group, revealing, among other enticing tidbits, a slew of new models from Alfa Romeo, slated to hit the road in 2009, including the entry-level "Junior" sport hatch, the CXover SUV/coupe and the 169 range-topping sedan. The new details come out of the Fiat Auto Investor Presentation at Lingotto in Turin, Italy.

As we've reported earlier, the Junior model will slot below the current 147/future 149 hatchback in the line-up and will share its platform with the successful Fiat Grande Punto. Targeting the 18-30 age demographic, the Junior is expected to feature aggressive styling and power from turbocharged fours producing between 150 and 220 horsepower, with prices targeted for the €16k range.

Like the Junior, the new CXover will launch its assault on a segment currently untouched by Alfa. The idea is described as a crossover between a coupe and an SUV, sold at a price range between €28-45k. No word yet on what platform it will be based or what will feature under the hood, but given the styling of some of Alfa's recent models, expect it to epitomize the best of Italian design in a new package.

The 169 sedan, the long-awaited replacement for the 166, is the next in the pipeline. The image above is a rendering of what the car might look like. Expected to be based on either a lengthened 159 chassis or on a Maserati platform, the 169 will measure nearly five meters long with elegant lines and a price range between €40-55k, targeting the demographic of over 55.

We'll just have to wait and see what models make it to the Western shores of the Atlantic.

(Follow the jump for three concept sketches of these three models)

[Source: Italiaspeed]




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