Russian designer takes Audi into future with Quattroflex

Greg from just sent us some info and several high-res pics of this concept vehicle by Alexey Bykov. Known as the Audi Quattroflex, it has won a "Best Use of Technology Award" in the Interior Motives Design Awards – 2006. The designer, Alexey Bykov, is a student of Ural State Academy of Arts and Architecture, Russia. While our Russian is limited, Greg's English translation is at least Borat-level so we were able to discern that Alexey's Quattroflex project first sprang to mind a couple of years ago, but this competition caused him to revisit and polish the idea.

The basic concept is two cylinders, front and rear, that house the mechanicals, with the passenger area slung between the two over a variable platform. A control joystick is used and centrally mounted to allow right or left hand drive on the same vehicle. Flexible materials would allow not only the wheelbase to expand or contract, but also for customizable seating with chaise-like sheets that can allow drivers to assume any position from perfectly upright in cargo-hauling situations, to fully reclined for relaxing cruises.

While it resembles a horseless carriage more than a futuristic Audi, the designer says that was intentional. Focusing on a theme of "Emotion in Motion", he wanted to unite interior and exterior while adding a bit of the romance of old-fashioned buggy travel, all with some Audi design cues. Oddly, the horse-collar grille is nowhere to be found. Click the images here and after the jump for larger versions.

[Source: via Greg]

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