MINI does Japan with exclusive "Designer's Choice" model

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MINI unveiled a new Japan-only model on Monday, and as is the case with most Japanese specials, it's a limited-edition deal. According to MINI design GM Gert Hildebrand, the MINI Designer's Choice is meant to convey a sense of elegance while incorporating a little bit of fun in the form of a graphic. The simplicity of the overall paint scheme -- basic black accented by white 17" wheels and a white roof -- gets punched up a bit with chrome-finish mirrors and a new MINI graphic designed specifically for this application. It shows both head-on and profile views of a MINI Cooper, and is featured prominently on the roof. Model-specific badging with the same graphic adorns the grille, dashboard and sill plates in the cars' doors.

The Designer's Choice is limited to 300 units (100 Cooper and 200 Cooper S), with announced pricing of ¥2,860,000 for the Cooper and ¥3,298,000 for the Cooper S. We like the new graphic the design team came up with, we're just not so sure we like it on the roof of the MINI itself. Of course, that sentiment is probably completely at odds with that of the Japanese shopper the car is targeting, where that big rooftop MINI may well be the styling element that sends 300 people reaching for their wallets.

You can hear it all directly from Gert himself by watching this film on the MINI Japan site (no worries, the film is in English). If you want to see some more angles of the car, head over to Carview. They were at the press conference today and have posted photos of the car at its unveiling.

[Source: Mini Japan]

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