Europe's largest bioenergy expo starts Tuesday

If you follow this story on through the jump, you'll read the way a German press release on bioenergy starts, naming the key reason biofuels are so much in demand these days: global warming. I read a lot of press releases from biofuel and car companies each week, and I can't remember a one that puts the problem so front and center. The release in question announces an upcoming bioenergy exhibition, BioEnergyEurope, which starts Tuesday in Hanover.
See, the Germans make clear that biofuels are one way to deal with global warming. We've already seen them called the " flag bearer of [Europe] in terms of the biofuel production" with 8.5 billion Euros invested in renewable bioenergy in 2005, selling a million tons of biodiesel . BioEnergyEurope is the largest European renewable energy expo and reflects the dramatic growth of biofuels in Europe over the last few years. An interesting statistic the organizers are putting forward: "Compared to just five years ago, the number of bioenergy plants has more than doubled and now supply over six times the energy output previously achieved." That's a pretty good increase in efficiency, don't you think (I get 300 percent, but I'm not that good at math)?

Someone at BioEnergyEurope isn't that careful with their math either. The expo's website says that 6.5 billion Euros were spent in Germany on biofuels last year (as opposed to the 8.5 mentioned in the release). Instead of global warming, the tack the site takes on biofuels is their potential as an investment opportunity. Yay! Let's make money off of global warming!

[Source: DLG - German Agricultural Society]

Bioenergy Investment Booms - Agriculture to Enable a Green Future

FRANKFURT, Germany, November 10/PRNewswire/ --

- Largest European Bioenergy Exhibition Launches 14-17 November 2006 at Hanover Exhibition Grounds, Germany

Published scientific evidence on the impact of global climate change continues to mount and is now overwhelming. Politicians, the private sector, and the general public are increasingly looking to the agricultural sector to deliver alternative renewable energy supplies derived from both animal and arable resources.

With 8.5 billion Euros invested in renewable bioenergy in 2005 alone, Germany is acknowledged to be the technology leader in this rapidly growing industrial sector.

To reflect this dynamic growth, a new exhibition called BioEnergyEurope is being launched next week. It is the largest of its kind in Europe and will cover the full range of renewable energy solutions and will take place within the larger exhibition "EuroTier 2006" (, the international exhibition for animal husbandry and management.

Compared to just five years ago, the number of bioenergy plants has more than doubled and now supply over six times the energy output previously achieved. The producers of suitable crop varieties, plant and machinery manufacturers as well as technology organisations have all greatly benefited from this high growth sector. Since 2004, the boom in the German bioenergy sector has been reflected by the creation of new investment funds specialising in bio energy.

At BioEnergyEurope, over 250 exhibitors will be presenting their bioenergy expertise:

- Biogas (manure, crop, solid wastes)

- Solid biofuels (logs, chips, pellets, straw, grain, plant oil, organic residues)

- Liquid biofuels (biodiesel, vegetable oil, methanol, ethanol)

- Solar technology (photovoltaics, solar thermal power technology)

BioEnergyEurope also includes demonstrations of biogas and heat produced from wood and straw as well as presentations and a bioenergy advice centre. More:

Source: DLG - German Agricultural Society

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