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Biofuel watchers, get ready to learn a new name: Provista

The biofuel sector has not totally succumbed fully to a world full of bland, inoffensive corporate names. I mean, at least there's still Panda Ethanol, Inc. Pandas don't have squat to do with ethanol, but at least it's a cute name. Not all biofuel companies think that cute is the brand identity they're going for, though, as evidenced by the new marketing joint venture announce Friday by CHS Inc and US BioEnergy: Provista Renewable Fuels Marketing.
Provista's parent companies are ethanol veterans. CHS has been blending ethanol with petroleum for over 25 years, and US BioEnergy will soon have five ethanol plants up and running, producing about 400 million gallons a year.

In case you were wondering what Provista is supposed to reflect, here's John Litterio, director of Renewable Fuels Wholesale Marketing for Provista: "The name Provista captures our professional, proactive commitment to responding to change in the renewable fuels marketplace. Provista is proud to take a highly responsible, long-term view."

Oddly enough, there are other Provistas out there.

[Source: CHS Inc.]

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