WVO luxury RV can process waste veggie fuel on the road

Even though the Liquid Solar Power website is not yet officially open (lots of pukas here and there), let me introduce you to the Freedom Machine. It has got to be the world's greenest luxury RV.

The Adler family (mom, dad and three kids) set out to turn something they enjoyed – RV camping – into a cleaner experience. Turning one of those 20-ton behemoths into a green machine that runs on waste vegetable oil took some work, but they thought it through and planned out their strategy.

Steve, the dad, first converted a 1991 Mercedes 350SDL, "the biggest, heaviest, most luxurious car [he] could afford" to run on WVO. Armed with this experience and hungry for more, the Adler's set their sights on an RV. With the help of Frybrid, a company dedicated to helping people convert diesel systems to WVO, the Adlers then managed to create a WVO RV that filters and dewaters vegetable oil while on the road, according to Forest Gregg at Frybrid.

The process wasn't cheap. The RV itself cost $103,000, and the conversion parts cost is on top of that. The Adler's entire story is still unfolding (in real life and on the web) and they haven't spilled the beans on the later part of their experience, but you can tell they're excited to cruise the country on free fuel in the future.

This story illustrates to me the passion that so many people put into their biodiesel and WVO vehicles. I just don't see the same enthusiasm for ethanol cars, except from farmers and politicians and ADM types. A question for AutoblogGreen readers: Is that what you're noticing out there?

[Source: Liquid Solar Power, thanks to Forest Gregg]

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