UPDATE 1 - Commenter TheOne442 points out the most obvious confirmation (which your eagle-eyed Autoblog staff missed completely) that it's a Buick viral: the Buick logo that appears over the YouTube logo as the thing ends. Props to Buick for the neat stuff, though.

Taking advantage of a level of security that could be best described as "relaxed," a videographer showing some serious testicular fortitude nonchalantly filmed portions of the upcoming Buick Enclave ad production featuring Tiger Woods, catching the new CUV in its birthday suit. According to Tiger, he's "never seen anything like it on the road." We're not sure about never, but more interesting than Tiger's forced Buick-speak is the sense of humor he shows when a plane buzzes overhead as he prepares to deliver a line.

Our favorite part comes at the end of the video, when someone gets all in the camera operator's face, covering the lens a wee bit too late to do any good.

So, while we love it, we wonder if it's a real "spy" vid or slick viral advertising from the General. For what its worth, the YouTube poster, "tigerstyle" has no other videos uploaded. Also, the camera used to record the action zooms in and out much faster than consumer cans we've used, which leads us to believe it was shot with professional video equipment. Watch, enjoy, and decide for yourselves.

Thanks to tipster "Tiger Smith" for the link.

[Source: YouTube}

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