Toyota and Lexus go celeb-ing with Environmental Media Awards

What do The Simpsons, Cameron Diaz and the Dave Matthews Band have in common? They've all received Environmental Media Awards, which are given to film and TV shows and entertainment personalities who increase public awareness of environmental issues and/or inspire personal action on these issues. This year, the 16th annual awards are presented by Toyota and Lexus and are one of those Hollywood feel-good events. The awards are meant to highlight the power that entertainment products have on informing public opinion. For Toyota and Lexus, of course, this is a chance to highlight their hybrid models (always popular in Hollywood).

There is a list of nominees here. I didn't see any real surprises (is it unexpected that a movie like An Inconvenient Truth made the list?) there, but if you're confused by the episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ("Design" and "Rockabye") and Grey's Anatomy ("Blues For Sister Someone") listed, here's what's up. The Turner Awards (which these episodes are in the running for) deal with issues of overpopulation. "Programs dealing with teenage pregnancy, contraception or abstinence, overcrowding, or stories relating to the empowerment of women as it relates to population growth will all be considered," the site says. Did anyone see those shows? What are they about?

[Source: Toyota]

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