Saab retro-racer takes on Mexico

Saab is sending this classic 1960 Saab 96 rally car to Mexico to compete in the upcoming 19th running of La Carrera Panamericana, the legendary '50s open road race, since evolved into a more genteel (and less deadly) vintage car rally.

The forty-six year-old Saab, dubbed "The Pearl," will be piloted by Nicolina Hubert and Anna Sorensson (pictured), who will unleash the three-cylinder, two-stroke Saab on the Mexican roads this Friday, when the road race begins in Veracruz. You can follow their exploits here.

The diminutive Saab 96 was a rally superstar in the early '60s, winning the Monte Carlo rally outright in 1962 and 1963. In race trim, the 850 cc, 38 hp three-banger was bored out to 1000 cc and put out 90 hp, enough to motivate the 1,800 lb FWD classic at race-winning speeds back in the day.

[Source: GM]

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