Bill Ford, Rick Wagoner and Tom LaSorda have been twiddling their thumbs since May waiting for the White House to confirm a date for the Detroit trio to meet with George Bush, the D.C. decider. Tentative times have come and gone, and as each one passed, the perception that the current administration cares little about the challenges facing domestic automakers continued to grow. In reality, those challenges that include health care costs and the price of imported raw materials like steel, just didn't make for good pre-election prattle.

Not a day after the midterm elections have passed, the White House has announced that George Bush will meet with Ford, Wagoner and LaSorda next Tuesday. No additional details were given about what time the meeting would take place or if an agenda of talking points had been set.

Most of us on the Autoblog team are apolitical when it comes to cars, but since the Republicans have lost control over both houses of Congress, we can't help but wonder if Detroit should instead sit down for a chat with someone like N ancy Pelosi (D - CA), the presumptive Speaker of the House, or Harry Reid (D - NV), the soon-to-be leader of the Senate's majority.

BTW - if you'd like to talk politics in the comments, feel free. Keep it civil, though, or we'll be forced to turn the comments off.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press]

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