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Ford ordered to pay $31m to rollover victim

Back in 2001, 12-year old Jesse Branham III was in the rear-seat of a 1987 Ford Bronco II when it rolled over on a country road in South Carolina. Branham suffered severe brain injuries resulting from the crash, which have left him with short-term memory problems and other cognitive deficiencies.
On October 26th, a jury saw fit to award Branham's family $31 million in damages, after hearing arguments from the family's attorney that insisted that the high center of gravity of the SUV contributed to the crash and as such, Ford Motor Co. is inherently responsible.

FoMoCo's spokeswoman, Kathleen Vokes, points to the fact that the driver admitted that at the time of the crash, she had turned around to "argue with children in the rear set," and subsequently veered off the road. The children in the rear seats were not buckled up.

[Source: Detroit News]

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