The first hydrogen fueling station in China at an industrial park on the outskirts of the capital of Beijing. The station is being operated by BP which has also built many of the hydrogen stations in the United States and is their largest one yet. BP spent $3.5 million on the joint venture facility with SinoHytec, which is affiliated with Tsinghua University.

At startup, the new station is using hydrogen that's produced off-site and trucked in. Next year they will beginning producing hydrogen on-site from synthesis gas, made from coal, oxygen and steam. This is the preferred method for China which is already the world's largest coal producer. With up to 1,000 new vehicles going on the road every day in China, pollution is already a serious problem. There are currently three DaimlerChrysler fuel cell buses and five more built by Tsinghua University on the streets of Beijing.

The industrial park where the station is located is dedicated to hydrogen research and development, testing, fueling, and hydrogen vehicle maintenance. It will also be the base for several international test programs and the hydrogen-powered vehicle fleet that will be used during the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing

[Source: China Peoples Daily Online]

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