Opponent of raising CAFE standards, Rep. John Dingell, will be chairman of key House committee

With the Democrats gaining control of the U.S. House, Rep. John Dingell will be chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. A Democrat from Michigan, he is a vocal opponent of raising the CAFE fuel-economy standards. He is concerned over job losses if Detroit is forced to improve the fuel economy of its vehicles. According to an Associated Press story, he is quoted as say that fuel economy "is a long lead-time item." Talking to reporters, he emphasized the need for alternative fuels. Critics are not enthusiastic. Said a spokesperson for the Union of Concerned Scientists: "Energy policy and fuel economy standards for the past 20 years have been a bipartisan failure. The next year will tell us a lot about how serious people are."
[Source: Tom Krisher/Associated Press via Fort Worth Star-Telegram]

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