BMW's people mover comes into focus

Leave it to BMW to, OMG, make getting groceries and hauling toddlers very, very sexy. Car magazine reveals an exclusive look at what should be part of the BMW 3-Series line up in the coming years.
The renderings of this new people-hauler resembles Mercedes' R-Class, although BMW's four- or five-seater is reported to be much smaller. According to Car, the BMW's maximum cargo space is only 26 cu. ft., while the seven-seater R-Class can swallow 92 cu. ft. with all seats folded. The magazine says the new addition to the 3-series will be closer to the size of Renault's Grand Espace which can seat up to six. Car magazine also made it clear that the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class wagon are BMW's targets.

There's no word on whether this new people mover will be for sale in the U.S., but considering the lukewarm reaction to the R-Class and Chrysler's Pacifica, our hopes aren't high. That said, Car magazine reports BMW expects to sell as many as 120,000 copies a year.

[Source: Car]

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