BMW has a plan for diesels in the U.S.

Matt Davis, the European Editor over at Winding Road, was able to get the low down on BMW's strategy to offer diesels here in the Land of the Brave.

During an event to give U.S. journos a taste of Bimmer's 335d Touring, equipped with a 3-liter bi-turbo diesel, the folks at Winding Road opined the fact that North American consumers would never be able to enjoy a BMW diesel stateside. That may all change when BMW announces their plans for diesels in the U.S., in addition to debuting the hydrogen-powered 7-series and new X5, at the L.A. Auto Show later this month. The soon-to-be-released oil burner in question is the 535d, which currently meets all manner of state and federal acronymed organizations, however, when 2009 rolls along and California enacts a 30-percent reduction in emissions, BMW will have to bust hump to make their diesels as clean as can be.

This move is due in no small part to their cross-town rival, Mercedes-Benz, beginning to offer the Bluetec line of diesels on U.S. soil and Audi's plans on introducing a new TDI engine at the Detroit Auto Show (sorry, NAIAS). However, just like MB, BMW will have to offer some form of urea injection, beyond what it currently employs.

[Source: Winding Road]

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