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RR of the Day: '67 Impala SS

Autoblog Flickr Pool member BLKWIDO1 submitted his father's 1967 Chevy Impala SS 396 to be featured as a RR of the Day on account of the excellent job his pops has done restoring the car almost entirely by himself over the past seven years since it was purchased, and also likely because the Greatest Generation thinks Flickr is a new type of remote for the T.V. We don't actually know how old his dad is, but we know he's old enough to appreciate a classic cruiser when he sees one. The only modifications made to this '67 Impala SS during the rebuild were the addition of Crager rims, Flowmaster mufflers and an MSD ignition. He also painted the car black, which is not its original color. The hue in which the car originally came was Butternut Yellow, an unfortunate shade that surely took away from the car's curb appeal. And curb appeal this car has, as it was chosen because we instantly wanted behind its wheel for a slow cruise down Main Street, punctuated only by the occasional stop light burnout and trail of rubber stripes left in its wake.

All this week we'll feature unrelated rides that catch our eye, but we're returning with a theme next week and that theme is "Best Autocross Car". If you've got a hot AutoXer, join the Autoblog Flickr Pool and submit your ride for consideration. More detailed instructions can be found after the jump.


How to submit to RR of the Day:
Create a
Flickr account if you don't already have one. Search for and join the group called 'Autoblog RR of the Day'. Upload up to three photos of your ride to your own account at a size no larger than 450 pixels wide if possible and include as much information about it and yourself as possible. Even if your ride is sweet, it will not be chosen if there's not a lot of info accompanying it. Click on each photo and just above the picture it will say "Send to group". Click that and select the Autoblog group. You're done, that's it!

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