More STI goodness on the way?

Before the STI, even before the WRX, came to these shores, determined gearheads made every manner of modification to the old GC8 Impreza to get the turbocharged power they adored from afar. When the WRX finally crossed the Pacific, its powerplant found a home in every manner of Subaru, including the sleepy Forester. Scan any Subie-centric site (we like iClub and NASIOC) and you'll find a host of Foresters in every conceivable state of tune, some putting down over 400 HP to the wheels on the stock block.

Considering how the aftermarket played a considerable role in the original WRX's importation to the U.S., it comes as little surprise that Subaru is considering bringing over an STI variant of the Forester and (fingers crossed) Legacy. Both have enjoyed considerable success in their home country, even with the exorbitant premiums demanded by dealers, and for those of you who are looking for either a little more luxury or utility when channeling your inner-McRae, both would fit the bill.

[Source: Autoweek]

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