Jaguar XKR-R in the works

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you spy shots of a Jaguar XK test mule undergoing testing. Some sources suggested this was a facelift on the entire XK range, while others, recognizing the features of the supercharged XKR on the test mule, concluded this could be an even more suped-up version of the supercat. Now reports are surfacing that Jaguar is preparing the latter, tipped to be called the Jaguar XKR-R.

Fitting in between the "regular" XKR and the XKR GT3 race car we brought you last week, the XKR-R is slated to be a street-legal Jaguar on catnip, with 500 horsepower instead of the current XKR's 420. That should make for some very impressive performance indeed. Expect upgraded brakes, stiffened suspension and some additional visual enhancements to accompany the extra 80 horses.

The way for the XKR-R is being opened for Jaguar as parent company Ford prepares to sell Jaguar's sister company Aston Martin, the presence of whose V8 Vantage, which went down-market from the DB9, meant Jaguar couldn't go up-market with the XK range... until now.

[Source: eGM CarTech]

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