After killing off the gargantuan Excursion last year, Ford introduced a stretched version of the new Expedition to compete with the Chevy Suburban. However, unlike the Suburban, Ford has never offered a diesel engine option in the Expedition. It now appears that is going to change, eventually. According to Expedition chief engineer John Viera a diesel engine option will be available within the next two years.

The diesel that Ford is adding to the F-150 is likely to be the power unit for the SUV as well. It is expected to be a larger displacement version of the 3.6L diesel V-8 already available in Land Rover products in Europe. The diesel engine made up 60 percent of sales for the previous Excursion and is expected to be a popular option for the Expedition. Hopefully the new engine will be a quieter, more refined drivetrain than the Navistar lump in the old truck.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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