Didn't get enough of the brand-spankin'-new Fiat Bravo unveiled two weeks ago? Fiat'll give you a fix with this video that lets you see the new hatch spinning around for your viewing pleasure. Now you can see the Bravo from every angle and get the full scope of its lines, and not just from the angles they wanted you to see in the press images.

Whether you're sold or not on the overall package, the Bravo does have some indisputably beautiful design elements to it, and while the metallic red paintjob of this publicity model is a nice shade, we'll look forward to seeing it in other colors (medium blue will suit this car nicely). On the logo front, the new Bravo debuts Fiat's new emblem. Also, take notice of the Bravo script, where the A joins the V to form a sideways 2, signifying the second Fiat to carry the Bravo name.

As a special bonus, the video features some of that nifty fast-slow spinning action. (Not recommended for those prone to motion sickness, though the video is just a minute long.)

[Source: Fiat via Euro Car Blog]

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