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The new business cycle: comfy bikes aimed at commuters

In the past couple of decades the bicycle industry in the North America has focused mainly on fancy mountain bikes with full suspension and fast road bikes. While both of these styles of bikes are fairly well suited to their intended applications, the reality is that most people don't find them very comfortable to ride.

Now manufacturers are starting to turn back to what are called comfort bikes. These are the style of bikes with longer wider handle bars and where the rider sits more upright. Comfort bikes are becoming increasingly popular with older riders as the idea of leaning over the low handle bars of a mountain bike just isn't that appealing anymore. The Wall Street Journal had a recent piece on new enhanced comfort bikes with features like disc brakes, shock absorbing seats (to protect our ever-growing back sides) and even electric hybrids like the $549 iZip Urban Cruiser.

[Source: Wall Street Journal via TreeHugger]

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