Sportyacht: Maybach 62 S to debut at Beijing show

To meet the demands of the ever-growing market for performance stretched limousines, Maybach gives us the 62 S, which it claims is the world's most powerful chauffeur-driven saloon. Wait a second, there's no market for performance limousines! Well, parent company DaimlerChrysler evidently thinks there is, or aims to pioneer one before the competition does. And to that end, it's shoehorned the 612-hp engine from the already-ludicrous Maybach 57 S into the 6.2-meter-long stretched 62 model.

The "S", according to Maybach, stands for "special", and the 62 S joins the standard 62, the 57 S and the standard 57 as the fourth model in the Maybach line-up (at least until the anticipated "junior" model arrives). The 62 S is scheduled to make its debut at the Beijing show later this month, a shrewd move by DCX considering the mushrooming luxury market in China and their love of stretched sedans over there.

Although most of us aren't likely to see many Maybachs on the road, there are a number of subtle touches will tell you this is a Special version if you do catch one in the wild. Up front there's a redesigned grille and different headlights; around back there's a modified rear apron with twin trapezoidal exhaust tips; the car rides on twenty-inch multispoke rims, and is available, unlike the regular 62, in single-tone black or silver paintjobs (or the pearl white recently released for the 57 S), plus the requisite badging on the front fenders and trunk lid. Inside there's a choice of new leathers and special trims in piano black lacquer, carbon fiber or anthracite.

The handcrafted AMG twin-turbo V12 is capable of rocketing the three-ton luxo-barge to sixty in a jaw-dropping 5.2 seconds. Unlike its kid-brother 57, though, the people at Maybach Manufaktur opted not to stiffen the suspension on the S version, instead maintaining the ride comfort of the standard model. And just why would anyone need a limousine capable of such absurd levels of performance? Well, "need" is a relative term. Such "superlative" performance can save owners precious time, leading Maybach to conclude its new abomination is "precisely what is needed in these increasingly frenetic times."

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[Source: DaimlerChrysler]

Press Release

The new Maybach 62 S: The world's most powerful chauffeur-driven saloon

A new pinnacle in high-end luxury car production

Generous spaciousness, unique comfort and superlative performance

Dynamic exterior and interior touches

Stuttgart, Nov 06, 2006
Maybach, the luxury brand with an illustrious past, re-established just four years ago, is adding a fourth variant to its line-up in the shape of the newly developed 62 S model. The "S" stands for "Special" and draws attention to the fact that the Maybach engineers at the Sindelfingen-based Manufaktur workshops have incorporated a wealth of meticulously developed, special features specified by their highly discerning customers into the new 62 S model. The result is a new dimension in travelling comfort, especially for the passengers in the generously proportioned rear compartment of the new high-end luxury saloon. Not to mention a prodigious power output thanks to the enhanced potency of the twelve-cylinder engine developing 450 kW/612 hp, making the new 62 S model the world's most powerful chauffeur-driven saloon in series production.
The new flagship model in the Maybach range is celebrating its world premiere at the "Auto China 2006" international motor show in Beijing in November – a move which expends its range of high-end luxury saloons. The Maybach 62 S is primarily designed to be chauffeur-driven and meets the very highest of standards in terms of spaciousness, smoothness and comfort – for a truly relaxing ride – and dynamism for saving that most precious of commodities: time. Precisely what is needed in these increasingly frenetic times.

Exterior boasting a dynamically elegant appearance

Prominent exterior features accentuate the dynamic presence of the new Maybach 62 S and clearly distinguish it from the 62 model. These include a modified front end with a strikingly redesigned radiator grille as well as new, distinctive 20-inch spoked wheels and a modified light-cluster design. Like the 57 S model, the new Maybach 62 S boasts lavish single-tone paintwork in black or silver, both of which are available exclusively for the "S" models. Alternatively, customers can now specify a special paint finish in shimmering white. Discreet "62 S" lettering adorns the front wings beneath the A pillars and the boot lid, while a modified rear apron with two integral, trapezoidal exhaust tailpipes hints strongly at the immense performance potential of the 62 S. This dynamic and elegant appearance puts the Maybach 62 S in a league of its own when it comes to luxurious chauffeur-driven cars.

Further enhance the interior

The contemporary Maybach interpretation of lavish luxury, consummate comfort and superlative dynamism is also reflected in the interior of the 62 S. Here high-grade materials are hand-finished to perfection for a distinctive and particularly exclusive look, all in inimitable Maybach style. Carefully coordinated applications of exquisite piano lacquer and sporty carbon or anthracite poplar create an atmosphere of dynamic elegance both in the rear compartment and in the driver's direct field of vision and activity. Newly designed, high-grade leather upholstery tastefully accentuates this overall impression.

Twelve-cylinder powerplant and comfort-tuned chassis

Effortlessly superior performance in any situation comes courtesy of a Mercedes-AMG-enhanced V12 powerplant developing 45 kW/62 hp more than the engine specified for the Maybach 62. The twelve-cylinder engine in the Maybach 62 S has a displacement of six litres and an output of 450 kW/612 hp by virtue of a twin turbocharger and a water-type intercooler. The impressive maximum torque of 1000 Nm (electronically limited) is available over a wide engine speed range between 2000 and 4000 rpm. This provides even the most sportily inclined of Maybach drivers with effortless power reserves at all times. With acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in only 5.2 seconds, the new Maybach 62 S impressively demonstrates its outstanding performance potential. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h in chauffeur-driven vehicles.

The exclusivity of the twelve-cylinder powerplant is underlined by a model plate on the cover bearing the signature of the Mercedes-AMG technician who assembled it by hand based on the now familiar "one man, one engine" principle.

In contrast to the sportier configuration of the 57 S model for owner-drivers, which features a stiffer and lower chassis, the Maybach engineers decided to retain the full spring travel for the 62 S in order to achieve an outstanding, practically unsurpassed level of ride comfort. In terms of comfort, the chassis marks the absolute pinnacle of automotive engineering. Yet it also offers a high degree of dynamic potential for reliably transferring the power to the road whatever the scenario. Hence the Maybach developers have succeeded in reconciling, to a near perfect degree, two very different requirements.

Maybach continues its rich tradition

The outstanding attributes of the Maybach 62 S set new standards at the high end of the passenger car industry and also continue the tradition of the legendary Maybach saloons which represented the elite in German and international carmaking circles back in the 1920s and 1930s. Even then, many Maybach cars were built and equipped to be chauffeur-driven – a tradition which the 62 S model is proud to honour.

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