Sales tax vote will determine hybrid bus future in Miami

There's a lot of value in a penny. At least, there could be if citizens in Broward county, Florida vote tomorrow to approve a one-cent sales tax increase. The revenue from the increase – expected to be $260 million a year – would go towards transportation projects. This includes purchasing about 500 new diesel-electric hybrid buses, starting within the next two years. The hybrids would replace the 260 current diesel buses and expand the fleet to keep up with the city's growing population. The hybrid buses are cleaner than standard buses, but are not cheap at $521,000 a piece. Aside from the buses, money raised from the tax would also be used to synchronize traffic signals and other transportation improvements. While the upfront cost of the buses if high, advocates say the long-term fuel saving will be "substantial". The hybrid buses get 20 miles per gallon, while standard diesel buses get seven to eight.
[Source: Miami Herald / Trenton Daniel]

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