GT for the PD: Australian police get an Alfa Romeo

Australians considering joining the police force in Fairfield just got an incentive in the form of an Alfa Romeo GT, which joined the police motor pool as extra transportation for police officers and a tool to promote young driver road safety.

The black GT, decked out in blue-and-white checkerboard police graphics and flashing lights on the dashboard, was provided by Alfa's Australian importer Auteco Automotive. The Alfa is not used as a regular patrol car, but helps the police promote a series of road safety courses for young drivers. The courses are held in two-hour sessions over a four week period that, beyond the basic driving school courses, aim to teach young drivers about the potential dangers of driving and how to avoid accidents.

Now Italian law enforcement can't boast the only Alfa Romeo police car.

[Source: Italiaspeed]

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