Buy Steve McQueen's '58 GMC truck

For less than the price of a new Escalade (if Bonhams & Butterfields' estimate is correct) you could own a truck with a hell of a lot more history and a "cool factor" that's too high to register on any scale. The 1958 GMC Pickup you see above belonged to one Steve McQueen. Perhaps you've heard of him.

It'll be among a host of other former possessions of McQueen's going up for auction later this week at the Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A. Said to be one of the late actor's favorite personal vehicles, the truck, powered by a 336 CID V8 was given some additional under-the-hood TLC to make it a bit of a sleeper. The "MQ3188" on the tag refers to the ID number assigned McQueen when he was sent to reform school as a boy (in fact, if you go through the different lots being offered, you'll see a few other old vanity tags of McQueen's bearing the same number).

Three vintage motorcycles owned by Steve are also up for grabs, as is the actual '67 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 2-door he drove in The Thomas Crown Affair.

[Source: Bonhams & Butterfields via Luxist]

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