Saleen confirms intent to produce version of Camaro

Forever known as a tuner of all things Mustangs, Saleen is going to be broadening its portfolio to include more than just that one pony car in its corral. An interview with Steve Saleen by Assistant Editor John Breaux reveals that Saleen will likely be working with General Motors on future products, including the new Camaro.
Saleen also reveals that the Camaro's top end V8 will be a 6.2-liter producing 450 horsepower that will also be the new base engine in the Corvette. The Camaro's base V8, he goes on to say, will probably be a detuned version of the same engine. From there, Saleen plans to have a base Camaro model available making around 485 horsepower, with a supercharged version producing 600 horsepower. Saleen has been buddying up with General Motors on the set of the new Transformers movie, where a new Camaro has been cast to play the part of Bumblebee.


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