Volvo, Ford will get their own DSG

Whatever stance you take in the automatic versus manual debate, if you haven't done so already, go out and sample a VW or Audi product equipped with the DSG transmission. All the positives – quicker shifts, better fuel economy, geek-cred – far outweigh the negatives and the fact that Porsche, BMW and even Chrysler are looking to develop their own dual-clutch gearbox, should tell you that DSGs are here to stay. Add to the fact that they may also be cheaper to produce and service, it didn't take anymore convincing for Ford and its Swedish arm, Volvo, to decide that they better throw their hat into the game.

WhatCar is reporting that a DSG-like tranny will find its way into Volvo models within the next two years and rumor has it that a high-performance version of the C30 will be one of the first vehicles to come equipped with the new gearbox.

In addition to Volvo's use of the dual-clutch setup, expect to see it carry over into Ford's vehicles as well, much like the migration from slush boxes that VW is in the process of executing.

[Source: What Car?]

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