EU to Propose Legislation to Limit CO2 from Cars

European Commissioner for the environment Stavros Dimas has said that new legislation will be proposed for the European Union to cut emissions of carbon dioxide. Divas was interviewed by the European Voice and said that the time has come to have binding targets for CO2 reduction in the EU. So far greenhouse gas reductions have relied on a voluntary agreement by European car-makers to reduce CO2 emissions.

The voluntary target of 140 mg/km of carbon dioxide by 2008 covers the entire European car industry. However, most of the car brands in Europe are not reducing their fuel consumption fast enough to meet the 2008 targets. With a UN climate change conference coming up in Nairobi, Kenya from November 6-17, Dimas now wants to start pushing some mandatory targets for car-makers. Under EU governance procedures any such regulation would require the approval of both the European parliament and individual member states, so it could take at least a couple of years before it's enacted.

[Source: European Voice]

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