SEMA: Flaming River electric power steering

Updated with correct product description and price

How cool is this? With all of the bitchin resto mods out on the show floor this week, we think this is a product that has a big future. Modern powerplants, suspensions, brakes, and electronics have made it possible to give an old car, a new car feel. The classic old-school looks are great, but having all of the modern running gear makes it almost a daily driver. One area that was partially overlooked in those transformations was the steering. Or power steering to be more precise. Adding the new hardware, hoses and fluids to give your rod a boost, was a pain in the butt, until now.

The guys at Flaming River are addressing that need now, so we are one step closer to perfection. And they are doing it with a system that promises extra horsepower (well, it will free some up), no pumps, no hoses, and no leaks. The system is all electric. The way it works is that the electronic power steering box is mounted to the bottom of an OEM or one of Flaming River's steering columns, providing the assist. The kit includes the electronic drive unit, SGU (signal generator unit), potentiometer (allowing the driver to adjust the steering resistance), couplers for shaft connections, and the wiring harness. Available in 4 different ratios, with 4 or 3 bolt adaptability for different applications. All for just $3590, or $3990 attached to one of their steering columns. A couple more pics after the jump.

[Source: Flaming River]

Electric power steering unit

Unit mounted to column

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