New Z06 bursts into flames

We don't care if you're a Chevy guy or a Ford guy, or as is the case of skelzy, a BMW guy. You gotta shed at least a small tear over this story. M3Forum-poster skelzy was on his way home from work when he spots a flaming car in the lane next to him. Skelzy pulls into the parking lot behind the flaming car to realize it's a brand new Z06 bellowing more smoke than a diesel Seville. The story ends badly with firefighters taking picks and axes to the high-performance Chevy's sensuous body panels. Ohhhhh, the horror.

Skelzy just couldn't look away and took several photos of the muy caliente Corvette. Click on the link to see more and read the full story.

When you just can't take any more, come back and click here. There. Feel better?

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