Toyota may expand Prius model range

As Toyota, the king of hybrids, embarks on its ambitious plan of selling 1 million hybrid vehicles worldwide annually before 2015, you have to wonder just how they're going to do it. We've already heard that they eventually plan to offer a hybrid version of all its cars, but will that be enough? How about squeezing more out of the marketability of the Prius nameplate?

Bloomberg is reporting that at SEMA Jim Lentz, executive vice president for Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., suggested that the company may expand the model range of the Prius by offering a wagon and a smaller, lighter city-car. He explained this was an option, but the company does not have any plans to do so just yet. The wagon would offer utility to the active American lifestyle while the city-car would conceivably achieve even better gas mileage and make more sense for a younger generation living in densely packed urban areas.

Here's to hoping that a smaller, lighter and hopefully more agile Prius becomes a reality in our near future.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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