SEMA: Toyota Camrod by Rad Rides

In the past, we've voiced our opinion about the Toyota Camry's front end, which is that it's weird. We give Toyota credit for taking a risk, but the Aurion sold in Australia that has a more traditional face on a Camry body shows us that a cleaner, simpler front end would do wonders. We ran across this Camry at the SEMA show that again proves the car would be improved with a new nose. Called the Camrod and built by Rad Rides by Troy, the car features completely revised front and rear fascias fashioned from fiberglass. While no doubt on the wild side with three large air intakes spanning the front fascia's lower half and vented slits below the headlamps, the front fascia's large grille somehow still seems at home. A center-mounted dual exhaust and two-step rear spoiler also give the Accord owners out there something nicer to look at while waiting at a light. Those Accord owners, however, won't be able to keep up with the Camrod when the light turns green, as a prototype TRD supercharger increases the engine's grunt to 330 hp. Not that there were many other custom Camrys outside the confines of Toyota's own display (if any), but the Camrod ranks at the top.

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