Is your kids' school smart or dumb? Indiana's DPW says Smart Schools Don't Idle

Officials from the Department of Public Works told the Indianapolis Star that not only is idling bad for the environment, but it's bad business sense, too. As part of a program to get schools to reduce the amount of time their buses sit and idle, the DPW launched a "Smart Schools Don't Idle" plan on Monday. The focus was on cleaning the air that kids breathe, but DPW officials just happened to mention that reducing idling by just ten minutes a day can save $180 a year in gasoline costs.

There have been a lot of anti-idling initiatives aimed at schools recently (see related stories, below), but this one includes a warning I have not seen in other programs. The DPW's press release said that, "Often, the pickup and drop-off areas are located near fresh-air intakes, so the vehicle exhaust is drawn right into classroom areas." Not smart, indeed.

[Source: Indy Star]

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