Ever mix peanut oil with nitrous oxide? That's what Lin and Steven Austin will try when they attempt to set a land-speed record with an '87 Chevy truck and a massive 2-stroke Detroit Diesel engine. The V6 engine must run on regular diesel fuel to reach 220-degree operating temperature before switching over to peanut oil. When needed, Lin can activate the nitrous oxide. The 552-cubic-inch diesel needs plenty of air to turn over 5,000 rpm, so a pair of 70psi turbo chargers and a Roots-style 8-71 supercharger force air into the cylinders. The engine also gets a spray of alcohol for cooling purposes. The truck weighs 10,000 pounds and is hardly suited aerodynamically for land-speed attempts. But the Austins, which run Orange County Rod and Custom in Placentia, California, feel the 3,000-horsepower engine can propel them to a record run of nearly 240 mph or more.

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