Here's a publicity campaign I like. Honda is promoting its new CR-V as being the cleaner, smaller and safer 4x4. The campaign includes a sticker Honda will send to new CR-V owners (it's the image above this post). This sticker succinctly captures the three points Honda is making. In words you need to say that: The CR-V emits less than a lot of other cars, including the messy Mini Cooper S. The CR-V is smaller than a BMW 523iE. And, the CR-V gets good marks for occupant and pedestrian safety. In pictures, you can use three icons.

We don't often reprint long press release quotes here on AutoblogGreen (they're so stilted and boring), but I'll allow John Kingston, Environment Manager at Honda (UK), a few sentences today. "The 'one size fits all' approach of Anti 4x4 protesters is confusing," he said. "Some customers have expressed their concerns and frustration about being criticized for driving a CR-V – no surprise when you consider this Honda is incredibly clean, not a gas-guzzler, smaller than most 4x4s and is remarkably safe for both passengers and pedestrians."

There's one part of this campaign that I'd like more information on. Honda's press release that says that this sticker is "a direct response to concerned Honda customers asking for help." Did people really turn to Honda for help defend their 4x4 purchase? That's crazy. C'mon people. This campaign is cool and all, but can't you come up with your own arguments?

[Source: Honda]

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