SEMA: Mazda CX-7 running on Adrenaline

Though you would think the MazdaSpeed booth would be filled with examples of the MazdaSpeed3 tuned to within an inch of its tires, the CX-7 was actually the darling of this display. No other CX-7 in the MazdaSpeed booth could come close to the Adrenaline concept in terms of presence, which sounds about right considering the design director in charge of its build was Frank von Holzhausen, the designer behind the amped up Kabura concept that debuted at the 2006 Detroit auto show. The Adenaline's exterior features a completely new front clip with a raised hood element containing two vents. The headlight clusters are all new, too. The CUV is droped on a JTC coil-over suspension setup that takes the lower front fascia with its two Modena-like air intakes and new chin spoiler right to the show floor. The whole exterior is awash in color shifting yellow paint from Nippon that fades to white in the light. MazdaSpeed brought the Zoom-Zoom too by dropping in a Rhys Millen-modified version of the CX-7's turbo-four that produces 300 horsepower, which we imagine is the bare min needed to twist those 22-inch EXE wheels. Brembo brakes take the edge off of when things get out of hand, and credit must be given for the installation of a six-speed manual transmission so you can row your own boat. Mazda Design North American also redid the interior with new leather seat coverings, a built-in iPod dock, DVD system, new gauges, and floor covering. The Adrenaline was a nice surprise from the boys and girls at MazdaSpeed, as the team hadn't released info on their plans prior to the event.

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